Trustees x 2

March 11, 2024

Speakers Trust Trustee Opportunities

Speakers Trust are looking for two new trustees to join its board. We are the leading organisation delivering speaking and listening skills to young people, and are on a mission to ensure that every young person has the confidence, capability and opportunity to share their ideas out loud.

To achieve this, we are looking to add more depth to our board in two areas:  Technology and Education

Digital Trustee – we are looking for someone who can lead (from a trustee perspective) our continued digital transformation.  This would involve continued use of technology to manage our programmes, as well as deploying technology directly to improve our current programmes and to launch new initiatives.  We would look for someone who has significant direct experience of technology being used in a transformational way.  This experience could come from an allied sector (e.g. Education Technology) or where they can contextualise experience gained in any sector.  Examples of valuable experience would include, digital transformation, new product development and digital product management.


Education Trustee – we are looking for someone who can support the CEO and Board as the political and operational climate for schools and in the education sector changes.  We would look for someone who can bring either strategic leadership in the schools and education sector (e.g. senior role in a Multi Academy Trust) or who has good knowledge and experience in education policy and an understanding of how this is influenced and how this impacts schools – and can help make a step change in Speakers Trust’s impact here.

Please apply here and include a cover letter which covers your motivation to apply and how you believe you could practically support Speakers Trust