Climate Action: Race to Zero

Giving young people the confidence and opportunity to speak up about climate change and inspire change in their community.

This programme gives young people a voice and amplifies unheard stories to bring communities together, shining a light on revolutionary ideas to halt the damage of climate change.

We will deliver public speaking and communication skills workshops targeted at the least confident young people in the UK, in partnership with schools and youth organisations.

To ensure that no young person misses out on the opportunity this programme we will be working with our partners across the world to offer resources, online webinars, videos, and opportunities to speak publicly for all young people across the globe.

We will give every young person the opportunity to upload a video of their speech about climate change to our online platform and in January we will host a high profile ‘TED Style’ youth speaking event with young people speaking out in front of an audience of decisions makers.

You sign up to the event and take part in our completely free online training here