National Citizenship Service

We give young people on the NCS programme the skills and opportunity to be heard. We offer NCS participants the opportunity to join us to on a journey to speak out and make change.

We have delivered our fun, interactive workshop to over 100,000 young people on the NCS programme.

We build young people’s confidence and teach them how to become effective public speakers. Our workshops also develop critical thinking skills and resilience through providing the opportunity to try something for the first time.

‘Before I came here I was like”Nooo!” but now I’m like “Yeess!” I loved it when everyone listened to me and took in about what I said and my confidence has gone up.’
NCS participant

We maximize the opportunity for all participants to speak, which culminates in every young person giving a three-minute speech on a subject they have chosen. For many, this is their first chance to speak publicly about an issue about which they care.

Participants finish the day as more confident speakers with a better understanding of their peers and feeling ready to speak out for social change in their community

  • 96% of NCS staff believed that participants demonstrated an increased ability to empathise and understand the views of others in their community
  • 99% of NCS staff saw an increase in participant’s individual confidence and communication skills
  • 86% of young people would recommend our training to a friend.

‘Today has made me a new person; I feel my confidence has increased massively and I am so glad I have been part it. The information I learned today will stay with me forever.’
NCS participant

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