Picture Yourself Speaking

A national oracy programme inspired by the iconic Armada Portrait, giving young people the opportunity to express themselves and connect with their heritage.

The Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I is currently on display at the Queen’s House in Greenwich.

This iconic piece of history is rich in themes, ideas and images that resonate with many of the things that still matter to young people today – from gender equality to the environment, power to fashion, privilege to family. This project encourages young people to identify and understand the themes of the Armada Portrait and find what resonates with them.

“This project is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience a window on to a bigger world and to think of themselves as part of it”
Ruth Kidman, Teacher at Finham Park 2 School

Picture Yourself Speaking, which is open to years 9-11, features  a package of teacher training, cross-curricular resources and public speaking workshop.

The project and many of the speeches will be documented in an official film of the programme.

“The opportunity to have speaking and listening at the forefront of a cross-curricular project has been a welcome addition to our enrichment opportunities at St Clere’s. It is vital that students can practise their oracy skills in a number of different contexts, so it has been great to participate in a programme that encourages pupils to articulate their ideas about history, art and social issues.”
Kieron Rochester, St. Clere’s School

Find out more about our partners at Royal Museums Greenwich here.