Speaking for Success: Pupil Referral Units

Giving Pupil Referral Units in Essex, London, and the West Midlands the confidence and opportunity to speak up.

At Speakers Trust we are dedicated to training young people to become more effective communicators and to provide opportunities for them to share their perspectives in public. We have over 20 years of experience in providing high quality, professionally delivered interactive workshops and education resources. 

Our first programme successfully demonstrated the impact our work has with young people in PRUs and Alternative Provisions.  

The programme has helped to change the lives of young people, giving them the skills to thrive in the next stage of education and employment.  

The project has helped young people become better communicators, with a greater awareness of the importance of speaking out. This, in turn, has a positive impact on their education and employment prospects, as well as instilling the desire to use the power of their voice to bring positive change. 

“Trying to speak in front of people, it felt good knowing I did it” – Speaking for Success participant 

Once participants see that they can overcome their fear of public speaking and use their voice to affect change, they are empowered to achieve across a range of areas, with benefits spreading to school, home and workplace, enabling social mobility. 

For too many young people their future is dictated by where they are from and not what they are capable of. Oracy and communication are commonplace in the private school system, yet young people from less privileged backgrounds often leave school without the opportunities or confidence to have their voice and opinion heard. Our programme levels the playing field, ensuring that all young people have the skills, confidence and opportunity to have a voice and thrive in life! 

We are currently developing a new programme for Pupil Referral Units in Essex, London, and the West Midlands. For more information, contact hello@speakerstrust.org.

I know they will carry forward what (the trainer) taught them from your materials- how to stand, how to project their voice, how to tailor the content, and make what they say real.

PRU Teacher

Trying to speak in front of people it felt good knowing I did it.

PRU Participant

The trainer explained in a lot of excellent detail and gave me and others confidence to speak about moments and dreams. Thank you!

PRU Participant
Come back tomorrow