Here is some information on how to brief your timekeepers ahead of the Assembly Final:


  1. Select two timekeepers who will be responsible for a) timing the speeches, and b) notifying the speakers when they have reached timing milestones
  2. Speeches should be between 1.5 and 3 minutes. A timing penalty of 4 points should be deducted if a speech is not within this limit.
  3. Give one timekeeper three A4 ‘timing’ cards – a green, a yellow and a red one, and a stopwatch. Alternatively, they can use a phone.


GREEN should be held up at 1½ minutes. Hold up briefly (5 seconds).

YELLOW should be held up at 2 minutes. Hold up briefly (5 seconds).

RED should be held up at 2½ minutes. Hold up briefly (5 seconds).

At 3 minutes hold up until the speech is finished.


  1. Give your other timekeeper the timing form – they should note the name of the speaker, the timing of the speech and whether there is a penalty.
  2. Remind your timekeepers to sit centrally where the speakers can see them.
  3. Remember to collect the timing form after the final speech – before you tot up the judging scores!

Details on ‘How To Time’ are noted on this Timekeeper Form which should be used by your timekeepers at the Assembly Final.