About us

Training young people to become more effective communicators and to use their voices to effect change.


We have over 15 years of experience in providing high quality, professionally delivered workshops, events and educational resources on public speaking and communications skills.

We are an enabler of social mobility. We help build a stronger society in which the voices of young people are heard, whatever their background.

We work with one in every five state secondary schools in England plus youth organisations across the UK.

Our programmes are recognised for excellence by participants, teachers, funders and most recently by the Department for Education.


The future of too many young people is dictated by where they’re from and not their capabilities. Many leave school without the skills and confidence to express their voices and opinions in public.


We work in over 600 state secondary schools in England, concentrating our efforts in the most deprived areas. The majority of our work is in schools where more than 1 in 5 students are eligible for Free School Meals. Many of the young people we work with are those who are too often underestimated and whose voices are the least heard in society.

In addition to our work in schools, we partner with other organisations to reach young people who have experienced challenges in their lives. We develop their confidence and provide a platform for them to tell their story. This helps to inspire their peers, make change in their community and give them the best chances in the next stage of their education and employment.


We want to extend our work to all young people who, especially since the pandemic, have fallen further behind and whose stories continue to be unheard. We will achieve this by further building our EdTech and digital capabilities, which will expand our reach and grow our impact.