Speak Out Challenge

Equipping state school students with the skills and confidence they need to share their ideas and reach their potential.

Thanks to the generous support of local education and philanthropic organisations, we deliver Regional Speak Out Challenge programmes for Year 10 students in regions across England.  

Our aim is to amplify young people’s voices by building confidence, developing skills and creating platforms for young people to share their stories and ideas. In addition to participating in a transformative full day workshop, selected students participate in a progressive competition, reaching their potential and inspiring thousands of public speaking competition. people with their speeches.

“What a tremendous opportunity for young people to take their first steps into the scary world of public speaking and see these initial fears disappear.”
Teacher, Priory School, Portsmouth

Each student receives a full day of public speaking training with one of our expert trainers. The impact on students is profound, from increasing their empathy with the views of others to improving their ability to work under pressure. You can see for yourself on our impact dashboard, which is updated daily.

After the workshop, selected students enter regional public speaking competitions. – sharing their speeches on school, regional and national stages. Speeches are judges by panels of VIP judges – which helps to raise aspirations for students and the profile of young people in the community.

“It was great to learn so much about my own capabilities and for someone who has dealt with panic attacks … it has helped in building my confidence.”
Chiara from John Henry Newman Catholic College, West Midlands who spoke out on identity crises

We are delighted to partner with these organisations:

  • Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight – Southern University Network
  • London & Essex – Jack Petchey Foundation
  • Sussex – Our group of generous individual donors
  • Yorkshire – 3i

We are continuously trying to reach more students across the country. If you would like to get your school involved please contact us via hello@speakerstrust.org, or watch one of our students to get inspired: