Adult Training

Dynamic and impactful communication can change lives.

From individual to an organisational level, for professional and personal development, communication skills are vital for people to achieve their potential.

The self-confidence to share your perspectives also has positive mental health benefits through building a positive self-identity and cultivating a better shared culture of understanding in the workplace and daily life.

Our training for adults follows our tried and, tested workshop format. Find out who we have worked with and how we can work with you.

All proceeds from our adult training go towards our charitable objective of giving a voice to the least heard in the community.

The students completed their speaking endorsement for their GCSE’s this week and due to the programme we have more students that have achieved merits and distinctions than in previous years, the students felt ready to deliver their speeches and answer questions about them, they even used the scaffolds from the sessions to replan and revise their talking points prior to delivery.

Deputy Head, Beacon High School

My students have experienced something quite rare – the space to think and the freedom to speak about hopes and fears in an entertaining, mutually respectful and intellectually dynamic workshop. Many thanks

Cathy Haslam, Teacher

The workshop worked brilliantly online! The students were always involved and engaged in the tasks. The use of break out rooms worked really well for students to work in smaller groups. I’ve been involved in the normal workshop before, and I felt this online workshop worked just as well! Because students were separate, they were really focused and working hard.

Lotte Kirwan, Turing House School

THANK YOU so much for organising our training… The young people and workers alike were inspired, laughing, crying, and so engaged. It didn’t seem to faze the trainer at all that they are a difficult bunch to engage and they did it perfectly. The content was brilliant, the timing not too tight and aimed just right. I can’t say enough what an inspiring and valuable workshop it was.

Rachel, Barnardos

The public speaking remote workshops delivered by Speakers Trust is something I would highly recommend for young people. It has been the most popular masterclass ran here at Peabody and the feedback from the young people has been phenomenal.

Peabody Community Foundation

Participating in the Speak Out challenge gave me huge confidence to find my voice and be able to communicate effectively. I benefited massively as I went through my education, and continue to do so day to day in my professional career. It no doubt set me up for success!

Max Winston, Chief of Staff, Monzo

Before the workshop I was very excited to attend the workshop but a side of me was worried of the unknown but I knew I would unlock my full potential as a better orator. I honestly could not choose one memory that was my favourite I enjoyed it all and I loved to see everyone develop and slowly become more confident. And finally with the skills I acquired would have to aid my english speech I have to do for GCSE and most likely allow me to pitch ideas for clearly and effectively. Thank you!


The Speak Out challenge gave me a voice that I never knew that I had. It has played an integral part in boosting my confidence and also gave me a multitude of essential life skills that I constantly apply in my day to day life. That is why when the opportunity to become an Alumni Ambassador was offered to me, I felt so honoured to become a part of this wonderful process and hopefully help others gain these invaluable life skills and find their own voice.


We’ve had such wonderful feedback from the session, and it was the first topic on our Friday afternoon staff briefing. The students were “buzzing” and couldn’t stop talking about what they were learning. I personally was very impressed by the wide variety of subject matter chosen, so much so that I asked if they had been prepped to do some research beforehand (they hadn’t)!


I enjoyed it so much you have worked miracles with that group – all with one barrier or another to public speaking. Truly – am grateful. The picture of [a student] standing up has been circulating the school, there are staff here who have never heard her voice. Bravo to the trainer something about your presence is so supportive and encouraging even through the screen.