Our Impact.

Too many young people lack the confidence, skills and opportunity to share their ideas.

More than 40% of the young people we meet say they don’t have the confidence to speak in front of a group of peers. Our mission is to change this.

Our work changes young people’s lives. Communication skills are vital for young people to achieve their potential at school and in work and for them to have the confidence and ability to influence social change.

We do this by delivering workshops that develop confidence and communication skills, providing opportunities for young people to share their ideas and perspectives, firstly at school and then to a wider audience.

The self-confidence to share perspectives also has positive mental health benefits by building a positive self-identity. By talking on subjects that matter to them, each student helps contribute to a better shared understanding of their lives.

Over the last 18 months we delivered training to almost 30,000 young people and worked directly in over 20% of state secondary schools in England.

The valuable ‘soft skills’ we develop contribute to self-confidence and mental well-being, help young people achieve in education, thrive in the workplace and have a greater voice in shaping the communities in which they live.

This dashboard brings our data to life, allowing us to share the data from our work so you can see the difference we make.

The first slide of the dashboard below displays our theory of change – here you can see the short and long-term outcomes we expect following a “Speak Out” Challenge! workshop.

The second slide summarises feedback received from every student and teacher over the last two academic years. This dashboard visualises data from our flagship programme Speak Out Challenge delivered across England.

My students have experienced something quite rare – the space to think and the freedom to speak about hopes and fears in an entertaining, mutually respectful and intellectually dynamic workshop. Many thanks

Cathy Haslam, Teacher

The workshop worked brilliantly online! The students were always involved and engaged in the tasks. The use of break out rooms worked really well for students to work in smaller groups. I’ve been involved in the normal workshop before, and I felt this online workshop worked just as well! Because students were separate, they were really focused and working hard.

Lotte Kirwan, Turing House School

Before the workshop I was very excited to attend the workshop but a side of me was worried of the unknown but I knew I would unlock my full potential as a better orator. I honestly could not choose one memory that was my favourite I enjoyed it all and I loved to see everyone develop and slowly become more confident. And finally with the skills I acquired would have to aid my english speech I have to do for GCSE and most likely allow me to pitch ideas for clearly and effectively. Thank you!


We’ve had such wonderful feedback from the session, and it was the first topic on our Friday afternoon staff briefing. The students were “buzzing” and couldn’t stop talking about what they were learning. I personally was very impressed by the wide variety of subject matter chosen, so much so that I asked if they had been prepped to do some research beforehand (they hadn’t)!


I enjoyed it so much you have worked miracles with that group – all with one barrier or another to public speaking. Truly – am grateful. The picture of [a student] standing up has been circulating the school, there are staff here who have never heard her voice. Bravo to the trainer something about your presence is so supportive and encouraging even through the screen.