Mental Health and Education top of mind for young people

By : wpx_ | December 20, 2022

Mental Health, Education and Social Media once again top the subjects that young people most want to talk about.

During the last school term, Speakers Trust, an education charity, have worked with over ten thousand young people across the country to build their confidence and improve their public speaking skills.

As part of this programme, the charity asks one simple question;

“What would you like to talk about?”

The responses from students aged 14 or 15 years old, are a bellwether to what is on young people’s minds.

As well as providing an opportunity for young people to have their voices heard, Speakers Trust’s workshops improve confidence and the essential life skills, such as public speaking and listening. Recent research by the Skills Builder Partnership has highlighted the link between essential life skills and employment outcomes for young people. Their report with the Centre for education and Youth shows

  • That essential skills support academic outcomes, particularly through the focus on self-management skills of Aiming High and Staying Positive, as well as communication skills of Listening and Speaking.
  • That essential skills support positive employment outcomes, including higher wages.
  • That essential skills support social and emotional wellbeing, as well as preventing negative behaviours.


Last year, Speakers Trust reached more than thirty five thousand young people and worked in one in every five state secondary schools. Teachers highlight the importance of the programme to all young people, emphasising the improvements in empathy, confidence and oracy skills.

For more about how you or your school can get involved, by visiting Speakers Trust