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The fundamentals of delivering a speech - our advice to every speaker

Resources for Schools

Before the workshop

We understand that you may feel excited or nervous before attending your public speaking workshop. That’s why we’ve created this quick, easy, interactive resource which will help you prepare for the day! It’ll be the best 10 minutes you can spend to get ready (and get a headstart!) for the session.

Check out the Pre-Workshop resource here.



What happens after the workshop


Assembly Finals

After your in-school workshop(s) you will have several students with powerful speeches who could represent your school at their Regional Final, across the county. To select your speakers we recommend holding an Assembly Final either in school or remotely. This is an excellent opportunity for your students to share their speech with more teachers and fellow students, gain more vital speaking experience and build confidence for the next stage of the programme.

To help you run an Assembly Final, use the resources below:

Assembly Final Guide this has all the information you need to run an Assembly Final in your school.

Assembly Final Student Information – share this with your speaker!

Assembly Final – Guide to Respectful Speeches – this document contains the information to guide the speaker into writing a respectful speech with positive impact.

Assembly Final PowerPoint Template – you can add your school logo, pictures and information to make this your own. This PowerPoint will help you structure any assembly final events.

Assembly Final Judging Form– you may want to turn this into a digital document using google forms, survey monkey or the education software preferred by your school. Or, you could use old fashioned pen and paper.

Assembly Final Timekeeper Infothis has all the information you need for setting up your timekeepers.

Assembly Final Certificates – you should have received these at your workshop. Here are the digital versions should you need to print more: Finalist (for all), Runner-up, Winner.

Top Tips for students to prepare – these short videos will help refresh students’ memories of their workshop and prepare them to present their speeches.


In the spring term, we will ask you to submit your Finalist for your regional final (more details on this below). We recommend that each school submits their Finalist and a Runner-Up as a reserve. If more Finalists are submitted by the deadline than we have places in the Regional Final – we will run a semi-final. The semi-final will involve your Finalist submitting a video of their speech, which will be independently judged by a Speakers Trust panel on a nominated day. You will then be notified if your Finalist has a place in the Regional Final.

Student Speech Filming Support and Guidelines: A comprehensive guide for students to support them through filming their speeches at home.

Regional Finals

This is the culmination of the competition in your region which takes place in the Summer Term. We will email you with details of the date and location.

The regional final is a fantastic opportunity for each selected young person to share their voice and be heard by a wider audience. You will receive an invitation to submit a speaker for your Regional Final event as soon as the date and venue are confirmed. Below is all the information you need to prepare. There will also be a live workshop on zoom beforehand to help prepare your students for the Final, and we will send you an online platform to help your students hone their skills in their own time.

Regional Final Guide for Teachers

Regional Final Guide for Students